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Your dinner looks better than mine!

Would you give me that recipe?

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I'm so tired of cooking the same old things. The recipes in the cookbooks are either too complicated, or not suitable for cooking after a long day at work.

When I read my friend's posts about what they are cooking, it sounds so much better than mine. So, share with me. Tell me what you are fixing for dinner, and share your recipes when possible. Help me get out of this epicurean rut and get some fresh ideas!

Let's keep this to entrees, bread, and veggies. I think we all have plenty of desserts in our recipe boxes!!!

If you start a post, would you put the meal in the subject line, to make it easier to search?

Ex: Subject: meat loaf, onion rice, brocolli, butter biscuits

For converting recipes to metric (or from metric to Imperial), you might find these sights helpful.

From Imperial to Metric
From Metric to Imperial